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This book offers a proven process enabling families to work and live together better. It is not just for families in business, it is for every family. It has stories of how families have overcome a variety of business and personal issues to improve total family relationships and in harmony.


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 As Family Business Advisors  we assist in transforming families in business by discovering the right solutions to their personal,  business  and family working together challenges.  


Chief among these challenges is succession planning and family communication.  These include all the Personal, Operational, Financial and Legal issues that are involved when families work together in business.  We offer a variety of options to the family to help them effectively deal with their unique issues.  

4 Levels of
Succession Planning

We know how to help you and your family
figure it out

The four issues illustrated on the pyramid must be addressed in every family business. Most families in Business cannot successfully address the four levels of Succession Planning without objective, professional assistance.  We have been providing that professional assistance for over 40 years.

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Our mission and passion is to assist in Transforming Family Businesses 



Executive Coaching -- Sharing over 40 years of executive experience and the gained knowledge from working with many hundreds of family business executives. Advisor and coach to family business COB, CEO and Presidents and to those new to each position. A step by step process to help each individual be as effective as they can be. This service covers all aspects on how to manage people and the business, as well as understanding, if needed, how to read and interpret the financial statements and much more!

Conflict Reduction & Communication Enhancement -- A process to identify specific techniques for enhancing communication, reducing conflict and growing relationships. Appropriate structure and agendas for meetings of families, owners and management can be included as part of the communication process.


Succession Planning -- A planned process of all aspect planning for future ownership, either family or non-family, of the business  Includes assistance with buy and sell, business transfer and/or succession agreements and more.


Transition Planning -- Identifying the right people for the right positions for the successful transition of leadership and management.  Targeted benchmarks include a process of career path development.


Organizational/Operational Development -- Practical advice on operational issues to improve revenue, profitability and company culture. Organizational chart development, job descriptions and other employee programs may   be part of this process.

Talent Assessments and Leadership Identification -- Professional Assessments that help you ensure that you are putting the right person in the right position.  Go to our sister division for a complete description of assessments go to our sister division at : www.kabusinessplanners.com 


Workforce Planning -- Developing a plan for future vacancies of human capital.  Understanding current talent and future talent demands and hiring to those needs.  Identify gaps of talent for current and future needs.

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