We have assessments to assist with all your people needs. From new hires to leadership to coaching reports to increase employee effectiveness.  We have the tools to help you hire right, promote right, coach right, and identify the next leaders for your company.  Our assessments plus over 40 years of leading companies and working with company leaders enables us to assist in ways other advisors cannot. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you and your company.

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How PXT Select™ Gives You More


With PXT Select™  You only invest in one assessment per individual and have access up to 7 additional reports at no additional cost.  Companies can also receive their own computer programs to schedule, monitor and print out their own reports in house! In order to maximize the assessment's precision with the fewest number of questions, The PXT Select assessment uses computerized adaptive testing (CAT). This means the system successfully selects questions based on what is known about the candidate from their previous responses. From the candidate's perspective, the difficulty of the exam tailors itself to his or her level of ability. No two candidates will have the exact same assessment experience.

The PXT Select™ is an assessment based on over 20 years of research and can provide organizations with a fuller picture of candidates.  It provides the hiring individual with the insight into a candidates cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and interests, including tips about the candidates potential job fit. Each position can be "benchmarked" to your specific requirements to help maximize the desire to put the right person in the right position. PXT Select™  can also compare multiple candidates to one position or one candidate to multiple positions, again benchmarked to the specific position. The PXT Select™ also enables the manager to properly identify training needs and offer suggestions for each individual, coach employees where need, identify who is promotable, compare managers and their employees to ensure compatibility and increase performance, and much more!

PXT Select™  is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Wiley & Sons is a global publishing company, founded in 1807, that specializes in academic publishing.  Wiley & Sons also provides educational materials for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students. They have made the Forbes list of "400 Best Big Companies in America," and have been named one of the "100 Best Companies tp work for."  The Financial Times selected Wiley as "One of the most respected companies." You can be assured that PXT Select and all of Wiley products are of high quality and will assist you in "Building a better workplace.

Whiley & Sons rounds out our offerings with additional assessments that zero in on the hiring, promoting and developing of your people.  More information is listed on the following pages. 

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