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Family Business Succession Planning

     We are a
Family Business

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We work only
Family Businesses

After working with many hundreds
of family business, we know that all families are unique.  There is no one solution that works for all families in business.  We assist each family in discovering the process and solutions that are the best for their family and business.
 We believe that love in the family can overcome all obstacles.  With that in mind, our first priority is
to help enhance family relationships.


We wish to provide each member of your family business a safe haven.  A safe way to express thoughts, feelings and opinions without judgement.



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What is "Family First?"


"Family First" is the commitment of each family in business member to the success of the family, and the realization that the success of the family is key to each person's individual success.  Each family member will give consideration to how each decision they make may affect another family member and to turn away from those decisions that may "hurt" any family member.  "Family First" is when each family in business member subdues their individual desires for the good of all and success of the family.  "Family First" is a commitment to "no surprises" within the family and open and honest communication.  It is family members defending one another and showing a unified front to all employees and the public.  "Family First" is a state of mind that must be lived by all family members.  Understanding "Family First" is key to improving and enhancing relationships in the family and leads to better decisions and a more successful family business. 

Family Business Succession Planning

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