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 "Kwaiserisms" is a "tag" given to different sayings and thought phrases of Jim Kwaiser by a number of our clients.

They can be used as discussion topics for families in business or just personal reminders for on how we should act  and treat one another. We hope you benefit from them. 

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Succession Planning

 "L O S T"
(Quality family time)

"The Toxic People in Your Life"
(Associate with people that pump you up)

"Family  Business and an Orchestra"
(Family can play beautiful music together)

"Be Not Afraid" (Know when to take risk and make faster decisions)

"You missed out if you did not know her"
(Spend time with your family - before they are gone)


"Help, I need Somebody"                   
(We all need somebody! - even in business)

“Compromise in a Family Business” 

(Decision Making)

"A sharp tongue cuts deep, especially in a family” - (Relationships)

 Succession and unaddressed issues


 What is your family in business allergic to?


 Time to "REJUVENATE" 
 (A break is good for renewal) 

 What a Super Bowl!" - What we can all learn

 (Team-give away credit)

 "Looking Back - Reflection or Regret?"
"The Lord tells us exactly what to do, if we
  only listen" 

(Faith in listening)

 "Is Pink Always Pink?"
 (Creativity in thought)

 "Teams are not Just in sports                         


 “Give up being right”


 "Is Your Family Business Run Like a Pack
   of Wolves?"

 (Leadership in family business)

 “Transforming families in business” 
 “Most Resolutions are Stupid)

(Think Differently)

Overcoming Succession Roadblocks - Part Four

 - Lack of Planning, Evaluation, Inclusion


Overcoming Succession Roadblocks - Part Three
Lack of Adapting, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Mentoring

Overcoming Succession Roadblocks - Part Two -
 Emotion, Rules, No Help

Overcoming Succession Roadblocks = Part One
Timing, Communication, Fairness

Who do you remember to thank?
Family, friends, mentors?

Traits of a successor
Cannot survive on emotion

Right time for succession planning?
Sooner than you may think

Succession is not a slam dunk
It is a never ending process

I want out
I am tired of the business

Main reasons succession fails
May not be what you think

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