Meet Ann Marie and Jim 

                                         The Kwaisers are part of a select few of consultants who not
                                         only work exclusively with families in business, but they are a
                                         family business. They understand the personal, emotional and
                                         business challenges that being a member of a family business
                                         will bring.  Because of this, they offer, tailored, personalized
                                         service producing results within months not years. 


                                         The Kwaisers have worked successfully in, with and for many                                              hundreds of families in businesses, in the U.S. and England, for
                                         over four decades.
As a family business Jim and Ann Marie have
                                         the unusual ability to be
able to sit next to the families in understanding and relating to the many challenges facing families in business. They live it every day in their own lives and with the family businesses they serve. Families are their business and their passion. Each family is unique and no two are the same. 

They have developed the right, proven process that is tailored to the needs of the individual, the couple, the family and the business.

                           LIKE YOU - THEY ARE A  FAMILY BUSINESS

                                                 Jim Kwaiser, CMC

Jim Kwaiser is a professional speaker, a Certified Management Consultant and a family business advisor.  He is one of a few identified expert consultants in Alan Weiss’s book “The Ultimate Consultant.”  Jim has over 40 years of extensive business background consisting of senior management positions with Fortune 500 Divisions and as General Manager, Vice President and President of various local and regional companies across the United States.  Jim has owned retail and consulting companies in Michigan and Pennsylvania.  He understands the "Business of Business" and with his experience, has the reputation for not only quickly identifying the root causes of problems but in helping executives discover the right solutions as well. Because of this ability he is a personal adviser and coach to many business owners, Presidents and CEO's as well as serve on a number of company boards.                                                    
Ann Marie Kwaiser, RN

Ann Marie Kwaiser has devoted over 30 years of her life as a registered nurse, teacher, trainer and consultant in the areas of physical and relationship health.  Ann Marie has taught and practiced in Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania and brings a unique understanding of personal sensitivity to each consultation or work session.   She has experienced first-hand how relationship support will enhance performance as well as foster workplace satisfaction.  Ann Marie is a recognized expert in the process of establishing interpersonal cooperation through the understanding of Relationships, Performance and Planning.  Ann Marie has a unique gift of “coaching” both the working and non-working female members of the family business.  This offers another dimension to family business counseling from a person who “lives” it every day!  Ann Marie can be contacted at or by calling 724-301-1254.

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